Final project concept – Full Body Sequencer

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

We’ve been exploring what makes a sequencer, and I’d like to toy with what we’ve learned.

1. A sequencer has a timer and an oscillator. These in tandem create a repeating sequence, hence… yeahhh

2. Here are some elements we’ve learned we can play with:

– Tempo (speed)

– Pitch/ Octaves (frequency)

– Wave form: i.e. sin, sawtooth, square, noise

– Wave form: i.e. inversion, reversal

– Save/erase

– Timbre

– Skip/mute

– Tap tempo

– ??

My plan is to use the next ~5 weeks to explore using body parts to make sound. Not in a dirty way necessarily, although we have sensors recording data on sex and vaginal moisture. Jus sayin’.

I would like to use my basic visual set up in Max + Arduino as framework to explore Open Sound Control, Kinect, and various sensors. My aim is to explore different avenues each week, although my first creation may end up being engrossing enough to pursue for the final – and that’s cool too!

My first goal is to make a sequencer using OSC Face. This means, ideally, creating a scan line and a way to take snapshots. These images will be read as a sequence.

Second goal is to transfer my current sequencer over to (maybe wirelessly?) flex sensors + EL wire and create a sequencer suit.

We’ll see how it goes.



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