Mini Arduino Pro vs Teensy 2.0

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

I was recommended the Teensy by Eric Rosenthal and wanted to explore the differences between these two boards. Here’s a bit of a breakdown, where the Teensy 2.0 really seems to come out ahead – both in terms of specs and cost. It also comes with the FTDI attached, which I find convenient, although it does add some bulk. They are close in size – the Pro Mini is ~a millimeter longer, the Teensy is a bit thicker. Here’s a less n3rdy comparison for those not accustomed to standard LED sizes:

Specification Teensy 2.0 Arduino Pro Mini
Processor ATMEGA32U4 ATmega168
Flash Memory 32256
RAM Memory 2560
EEPROM 1024 512
I/O 25 14
Analog In 12 6
PWM 7 6
Price ~$16 ~$19

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