Innocent Fun

Monday, December 12th, 2011

A video sculpture I made this summer in Video for New Media, with help from instructor (and now TED fellow!) Gabe Barcela-Columbo. Pardon the frame rate.

Innocent Fun is home video I filmed on a trip I took with my sister to a fireworks competition in Montreal during July 2011.

Using an Arduino with three potentiometers, I mapped video effects in MAX/MSP Jitter to emotions I experienced during the trip – excitement, thoughtfulness, and jealousy. I then re-watched the footage, turning the potentiometers to alter the images when I recalled those feelings.

Excitement creates hyper pigmenting and pixelation in the image – leading to an interesting visual but often obscuring the footage underneath completely.

Thoughtfulness is mapped to the amplitude of a song I had stuck in my head the entire weekend by Arthur Russell – Soon to be Innocent Fun/ Let’s See.

Jealousy turns the video two-tone, flattening the images and creating sharp levels of contrast.

For the installation I mapped the original footage and my altered footage to two different canvases.

I also allowed visitors to alter the footage themselves on a third canvas using the potentiometers. To me, this was emblematic of the inevitability of altering memories through the act of re-telling.


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