AAS – Midterm Synopsis and Style Frames

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

There! Eternity is there! All around! Do you know that you can extend yourself forever in any of the directions I have pointed to? Do you know that one moment can be eternity? This is not a riddle; it’s a fact, but only if you mount that moment and use it to take the totality of yourself forever in any direction. – CC

A combinatory cocktail of discoveries – NASA’s 3D repository, AE’s 3D capabilities, Carlos Castaneda and loops somehow got me itching to make an astronaut fall through space/many worlds endlessly.

The scene opens with a man in a highly animated frontier, who takes a leap. As he falls off the screen the scene changes, but lo and behold – our extraterrestrial buccaneer is still falling, feet-first.

The worlds may be inspired by passages from Castaneda’s Tales of Power – or really one particular passage.

The transitions between worlds will be marked by landscape shifts – such as animated to IRL, IRL to intergalactic, intergalactic to… furry, to neon, to spacious desert etc, as well as camera movement. Right  now I anticipate the camera will zoom outward, and the astronaut will subsequently get smaller with distance. Heck, she may even be falling inside of herself…


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