AAS Caaahrabbits II

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Sketch graveyard:

Caaahrabbits II is the next level of my collaboration with Kate Watson in creating a unique, responsive world in Processing and line drawings.

The changes in our second version:

  • We unified the aesthetic of the piece, sticking to line drawings + black and white
  • You  click on the image to change it, rather than anywhere on the sketch
  • The transformation happens once after a single click, rather than looping when held
  • We lengthened the sketch to make it neat to explore

Notes from class:

  • controlled glitches
  • have rollover initiate some change in image
  • psychedelic pixel manipulation
  • opacity of the trail
  • think about use of perlin noise
  • what would make you want to click
  • stars cluster around mouse?
  • have transformation occur in buildings – use mask + animation

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